The library in Mount Temple is a lovely quiet space for students to study or do homework. We have a large reference library along with a great selection of up-to-date fiction and non-fiction reads. We do our best to stock the library with current best sellers and new releases for the wide variety of students in the school. We have a number of LGBT themed books as well as dyslexic friendly reads and quick reads for the more reluctant readers.

As well as books we have a selection of graphic novels which cater for students who may have difficulty or just not have an interest in reading long form books. This year we have included some comics by Irish authors and illustrators to encourage all students to find something to suit them.  We have a selection of audio books that include books which are on the syllabus and classic and modern fiction.

One function of the library is to support the curriculum and we offer help for students on research and project work, as well as internet access. We have a large selection of reference books as well as daily newspapers and magazines.

We are open for both break times where students can play chess and other board games which have proved popular for the younger students finding their feet. The school can be a bit overwhelming for some of our new students and we hope that they find the library a safe space when it’s all a bit hectic in the corridors.

When each student joins the school they will receive their own library card which they can use for their six years at Mount Temple. They are responsible for taking care of the books and returning them on time. There is no charge for a late book but if it is lost or damaged we will expect it to be replaced. We wish to encourage a love of reading which they will hopefully have all through life.

The library is managed by volunteers; approximately 6 parent volunteers who each come in for one morning a week. The Library opening hours are 9.25 a.m. to 2.25 p.m. closing at 1.05 on a Wednesday.

We hope the students find the library an important resource and make full use of it in their time with us.