student awards

Eye of the Clock

Once a year, Mount Temple holds an awards ceremony that includes a review of the year’s highlights. Both the academic and social success of students are highlighted and rewarded.

The late Christopher Nolan was the inspiration for this occasion. He attended Mount Temple and wrote the book Under The Eye Of The Clock for which he was awarded the prestigious Whitbread Book Award in 1987.

This ceremony takes place in late may, and has become as student – friendly as possible. Two students from each year group recall the major events of the year, while four large television screens display this information audio-visually. There are musical interludes which are performed by Mount Temple students.

Sports Awards

Another exciting night in the Mount Temple sports program is the end of year Sports Awards which take place annually in the summer term. These awards are held to bring together the students, staff and parents to celebrate the achievements of all of our students from 1st – 6th year. This is an opportunity to reward dedication, skill and sporting talent among the pupils throughout all the teams.