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The school ethos reflects the original mission of Mount Temple. Based on this heritage of Protestant, Christian traditions, the school ethos statement states:

All of us are different, all of us are equal.

We respect this diversity. We work to create an environment in the school where all members of the school community feel safe and protected, and enjoy learning, teaching, working and extra-curricular activities. We expect tolerance, politeness, courtesy, co-operation and respect for others and their property.

Mount Temple builds on past traditions, affirms current good practice, and will encourage innovation.  We provide an excellent education for all our students.  Mount Temple is working to become a prototype of a school committed to education for sustainable development.  Students of Mount Temple expect an education which is inclusive and tolerant, prepares them for further learning, and enables them to participate fruitfully in society.  Learning in Mount Temple plays a part in how students’ eyes are opened to the realities of the world, and in equipping them to become the responsible, articulate, creative, committed, passionate citizens that the world needs.  They will be prepared to take responsibility for their world and Ireland’s part in changing it towards greater equity and justice.

Mount Temple is a school based on diverse Protestant traditions and a spirit of inclusiveness and welcome for those of different, particularly minority, religious traditions and those of no religious tradition. Since its foundation, teaching and learning in Mount Temple has been influenced by the philosophy of Comprehensive education – the belief that diversity in learning enriches us all.

“From each according to their ability, to each according to their need.”   Karl Marx